Review Bonus Code - Promo & Sportsbook Review

When looking for a sports betting website it is important to recognize the difference between a scam sportsbook and a good one and it is also important to identify what the sports betting site is aiming to do. They may be targeting a market or they may be targeting a certain group of people and that is exactly what USA Sportsbook is doing.

USA Sportsbook started offering services to their players in 2001 and they have still managed to have a presence in the online betting world. They are located in San Jose Costa Rica which is a mainstay in the sports betting business. It is considered a safe haven and a great location for both new sports betting sites as well as veteran and reputable sports betting sites. Unfortunately this is where USA Sportsbook comes in. USA Sportsbook may be located in Costa Rica and offer up players an attractive 20 percent bonus, but in reality they are not a safe place to send your money to.

USA sportsbook is one of the many Future bet sports betting locations that are also connected with iGaming Software. This is not a good thing and it is never good to be connected with a sports betting site that is also affiliated with the scam group. Future bet is known to recycle sportsbook brands prior to football season that not only target football fans, but certain areas of the sports betting market and they do both of those things when they started USA Sportsbook.

It is quite obvious what demographic that they are attempting to attract with USA Sportsbook. USA Sportsbook wants players from the United States to believe that they are safe and secure betting here since the sports betting site has the name USA in it and is covered in red, white and blue colors. This actually works as players will flock to a new sport betting site just based on the name and nothing else. So they knew if they could recycle a site that is targeting one of the biggest pools of sports bettors in the world they were going to get some people to sign up. This happened and to have a bigger impact they opened the site just a few weeks before the football season kicked off. This allowed USA Sportsbook to target people from the United States just moments before their favorite sport kicks off the season. So not only are people looking for a place to bet because the football season is about to begin but it is easy for them to be attracted to this bright and glitzy sports betting site.

This is a scam tactic and it is quite obvious that USA Sportsbook will not be around long and it should be avoided by any sports betting fan that is looking for a new place to sign up at. From the shady tactics to the history of slow or no payouts, if you sign up at USA Sportsbook or any sports betting site that is associated with USA Sportsbook you are just looking for trouble.