HR Wager Bonus Code - Promo & Sportsbook Review

When looking at the front page of HR Wager you can tell that you are visiting a sportsbook. The front page has flashes of great sports betting options, bonuses and top stories that get you interested.

It is also fantastic to see that they have a chat box that instantly pops up when visiting this site which means that you could instantly chat with customer service with the click of a mouse if needed.

They need to do all of this because they still have to prove that they can be trusted as a reputable sports betting site. They are new to the business and have only been online since 2012. In their defense they are located in San Jose Costa Rica which is probably the most trustworthy place to start a sports betting site. They are surrounded by other sports betting sites who have paved the way as reputable places to bet on sports and this will allow HR Wager to follow in their footsteps and hopefully create a sports betting site that will grow and become a great place to bet on sports.

They also love to celebrate all of their new players with a big bonus when they sign up. They currently have a 200 percent sign up bonus with their new players which allows the player to instantly bump up their starting capital giving them more options to try when making HR Wager their new home for sports betting.

From a banking standpoint they have several options to choose from and they have become the latest sports betting site to use Bitcoin as a currency for their players. This allows all of their players to use Bitcoin and fund their account and to get payouts using the same process. This is a private and quick exchange that often comes with no fees at some of the best sports betting sites in the industry as it is becoming the best way to play offshore at a sportsbook.

They also offer up horses, casino and live betting on many sporting events. They have a blog that posts articles on the latest sporting events and many of them include picks and predictions on the events that they are covering. While the blog itself is not impressive and looks as though it is poorly put together, if you are looking for reading material, they have plenty of it. Although I am not too sure how anyone can trust a sportsbook to provide selections.

HR Wager looks promising when you first visit their site so if first impressions are anything they are off to a good start. Although they still have room to improve.